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Welcome to the Kingdom of King Billy casino, known by many names in many interesting stories and legends. Sages consider the kingdom to be the only true kingdom. It’s a real land of joy, fun and excitement where you’ll find plenty of slot machines, Live Casino games, table games, jackpots, bonuses and have a great time.

Information about King Billy Casino in Canada

Choosing his associates wisely, King Billy ruled his empire beautifully and gracefully, trying to do his best to make every resident happy to be here. In this way, King Billy has created a vast kingdom of unparalleled fun and unrivaled gambling, where hundreds of thousands of residents now live and win money.

The king’s empire grows by the day, as his loyal servants do their best to conquer new territories. While the ambassadors are constantly competing with each other, trying to get just a little bit of King Billy’s attention.

Anyone who decides to visit the kingdom can go from being a simple townie to becoming a true revered nobleman. By playing and having fun, you can become a baron, a duke, a prince, a king and spend time at the same table with the great Billy himself.

This Kingdom is world renowned, respected and recognised throughout the world. It is licensed, with many awards from the world’s most respected gaming institutions. If you haven’t yet become a citizen of King Billy’s state, do so quickly and fight for the big prizes for the glory of the empire!

Long Live King Billy!
Long Live his Citizens!
Play Long and Prosper!